ScreenTone Club

ScreenTone Club

A fortnightly look at manga, with a focus on joint in-depth discussion of titles both old and new.

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    S1E14 - Christmas Roundup, Boarding School Juliet, Wakako Zake

    In this episode, Elliot and Andy look back on 2018 and talk about the manga they loved and lost in 2018, and have a think about what they are looking forward to in 2019! Then, they go back to school with Boarding School Juliet before nipping down the pub for a cheeky one with Wakako Zake!

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    S1E12 - Forest of Piano, Murcielago

    This episode of Screentone Club sees Andy and Elliot delve into the mysteries of the Forest of Piano and then go batty for the hyper-violent romp Murcielago!

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    S1E11 - Mushroom Girls in Love, Bloom into You

    This episode of Screentone Club sees Andy and Elliot discuss the virtues of lilies as they take a look at Bloom into You, and the far more fungal Mushroom Girls in Love!

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    S1E10 - Inside Mari, Until your Bones Rot

    Recorded LIVE at Hibanacon 2018 in lovely(?) Milton Keynes, this episode of Screentone Club sees Andy and Elliot go Inside Mari for spooky bodyswap adventures and then talk about the murderous Until Your Bones Rot! Plus, a bonus presentation!

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    S1E08 - A Bride's Story,Last and First Idol

    In this episode of Screentone Club, Andy and Elliot travel to far-off distant lands to look at a mundane yet extraordinary family life in A Bride's story then travel to very, VERY far-off and far-out locales in the novella compilation Last and First Idol!

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    S1E06 - Go for it, Nakamura!, The Voynich Hotel

    In this episode of Screentone Club, we check in to the surreal and serial-killer laden confines of The Voynich Hotel and enjoy some romantic crossed wires in Go for it, Nakamura!

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    S1E05 - Planetes, Satan's Secretary

    In this episode of Screentone Club, we talk about the horrors of being unable to smoke a cigarette in space with Planetes and appreciate the wonders of smoothly running bureaucracy in Satan's Secretary!

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